About Dave and Bill

The CyberHood Watch is an online digital community of responsible cybercitizens. The digital gap between Children, Home, Work, and narrowing that gap is doable. Empowering the community, maintaining a safe online life-style, & enjoying the Internet safely are a primary focus for Dave & Bill.

CHWRadio is the voice of the CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, two tireless advocates for enjoying the Internet safely.

Hello everyone, my name is Dave Ballard. I am the Broker/Owner and Developer of First American Realty Group, L.C., also the Senior Editor, Creator, and Developer of New Internet Security, as well as a Radio Show Host and Speaker.

Dave Ballard

More importantly is my family, my wife Christi, and our five children. From early on I engaged the kids in computers telling them, “This is your future.” What I failed to foresee was the nefarious, pervasive, and pandemic scourge unleashed by the underworld. The Internet is too valuable a resource, for “good”, to allow it to be perverted by organized crime and sick-minded individuals. That’s why Bill and I have partnered together, to arm you with knowledge and to keep you and your family out of harms-way. The Internet is here to stay, join us in preserving this valuable resource and by doing so we’ll create a safer Internet for all our families and their children.

Hi my name is: Bill Wardell I am the Senior Editor, Creator, Developer of Online Security Authority, the Author of “Don’t Take Candy From Strangers” and a Authority Site Center Certified Coach. Speaker and Radio Show Host, Publisher, Researcher and National Radio Guest!

Bill Wardell

When David and I created our partnership over 2 years ago we set out to change the web and how it was used and perceived by concerned parents around the world… and how they teach their children about life, and life lessons on and off the information superhighway… and I am more excited about what we are doing today… More NOW, than even in the very beginning!

Bill is a father of 3 children and his wife’s name is Anissa. Bill’s love for his family has been the driving force behind his success over the last few years, and he has been actively been pursuing his passion of becoming a online entrepreneur. His main focus has been working and dealing with the security issues of the day, such as ID theft, Online Predators, MySpace & Teens, and Keeping Our Children Safe with ever growing internet security issues when it comes to Internet safety and protecting families.

Your CyberHood Watch Partners

Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell

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